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December 29,  2006

Scott Whitfield and the Bierjazz Bandy

If you haven't made your plans, come to the Bavarian Grill on New Year's Eve and listen to Bierjazz. The band will be playing traditional jazz from 7:00pm until Midnight in the Biergarten. We will have Little Jimmy Brimer on clarinet and sax, Big Jim Lawrence on bass, Roarin' Randy Eaton on drums and yours truly pickin' the banjo with the black head.

Call ahead for reservations at 972-881-0705.

Bavarian Grill 221 W. Parker Rd. Plano, TX
on the northwest corner of Parker and Central Ewy. (U.S. 75)

New Year's Eve, Sun. 12/31/06 7pm. to midnight

The traditional jazz of Scott Whitfield and the Bierjazz Band

Be there.

Scott Whitfield

Submitted by: Scott Whitfield

December 26,  2006

We Three - New Year's Eve - with Dave Marty

Submitted by: Dave Marty

December 22,  2006

Fretworks: - New Harmony

The Fretworks ensemble directed by Douglas Back serves as the first modern public school fretted instrument orchestra in the United States. Since its inception in 1999 at the Baldwin Arts and Academic Middle Magnet School in Montgomery, Alabama, Fretworks has performed to critical acclaim at numerous regional and national events. In addition, the group was heard by an audience of over 25 million people on National Public Radio. The instruments include mandolin, mandola, mandocello, Philippine bandurria, tenor and plectrum banjo, banjo-guitar, banjoline, classical steel string acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric bass, and ukulele.

Their new recording New Harmony has a collection of music that includes: Spanish, Latin, Filipino folk dances, collections from John Goodin's - Heaven and Earth, as well as banjo standards like Alabama Jubilee, Waiting for the Robert E. Lee, Ragtime Cowboy Joe and Four Leaf Clover. Listen to sound tracks from this recording on Jazz Banjo Radio.

More information about Fretworks can be found at Link.

Submitted by: Doug Back

December 21,  2006

Banjo Workshop

This is a message for banjo players living in and around Germany. To my many other banjo friends around the world may I extend to you and your family season's greetings and a successful 2007.

Dear Banjo friends. I am planning a banjo workshop on either January 13 or 20, 2007, from 12,00 until about 1500, if there is enough interest. This will be held in the Fiddlers Irish pub, Frongasse, Bonn Edenich.

  • 12.00 until 13.00 discussing rhythm techniques and solo playing, chords etc. Styles of Harry Reser, Eddie Peabody and Perry Bechtel will be discussed and cross picking will be explained. In general I hope to be able to improve your banjo playing and suggest improvements.
  • 13,00 Lunch
  • 14,00 until 15,00 questions and answers and group playing.

Price for this workshop is 50Euro per person. If you are interested please contact me.

Seasons Greetings,
Sean Moyses.

Liebe Banjo-Freunde!
Ich plane, einen Banjo-Workshop am 13. oder 20. Januar 2007 von 12:00 - 15:00 Uhr zu halten, wenn ausreichend Interesse besteht. Ort der Veranstaltung ist im Obergeschoss des Fiddlers Irish Pub, Frongasse, Bonn Endenich.

  • 12:00 - 13:00 h Einführung und allgemeines Besprechen von Techniken, Akkorden und Annäherung an Rhythmus- und Solo-Spiel. Geplante Themen sind eine Einführung in Stilarten für Solo bzw. spielen in der Gruppe. Die Stile von Harry Reser, Eddie Peabody und seine Chord Melody Technik und Perry Bechtels Cross Picking werden ebenso behandelt. Ich möchte Ihnen bei der Entwicklung Ihrer Art Banjo zu spielen sowie bei der Perfektionierung Ihrer eigenen Technik behilflich sein.
  • Mittagspause ca. 13:00 h
  • 14:00 - 15:00 h Fragen, Antworten und Spiel in der Gruppe

Der Preis beträgt EUR 50,00 pro Person.

Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bei mir.
Viele Grüße,
Sean Moyses

Submitted by: Sean Moyses

December 6,  2006

Mercedes Landazuri

        She is an accomplished banjoist specializing in traditional jazz and Brazilian bossa nova. She performs regularly in Chicago with several groups, such as Rio Bamba, Saravah and Roommate. She has performed at various Chicago venues including Schuba's, Katerina's, the Beat Kitchen, the Hideout, Subterranean and Morseland.


        Starting out on the ukulele she was looking for another four string instrument and took up the four string banjo. Her original interest in the banjo was in traditional jazz. She listened to recordings of Louis Armstrong's "Hot Fives and Hot Sevens".   What is so unique about her playing is that she plays without  a pick using the flesh of her fingers to create a warm sound. Listen to some of her videos at YouTube and hear a new sound in Bossa Nova. More information about Mercedes can be found at her website.

Submitted by: John Mumford

November 27,  2006

Allenberry 2006

Past Allenberry Headliners - Drew Frech, David Frey, Kurt Abell, Mike Kuehn and Stephen DiBonaventua

        Every year on the weekend preceding Valentine's Day the Banjos By the Bay holds there annual banjo rally at the Allenberry Resort Hotel located at Boiling Springs, PA. It's known as the 'Massacre.' The name relates to members of the BBA are asked to get up and perform in front of the group. It is a  *FULL* weekend of tenor and plectrum banjo! ...workshops, jams, afternoon massacre as well as evening shows, display area {free table space to all who have something to sell}, evening banquet and of course.. door prizes! Thursday's evening dinner and jamming this year happened at the new Player's Club in the basement of the Allenberry main building . It has become the early bird kick off for the weekend's activities.

        Last years "Headliner" was Kurt Abell. Pictures of the event, as well as the previous years, can be found at The headliner for 2007 is Tyler Jackson. Every year the event is sold out due to the limit occupancy of the resort. For more information contact Bill Steinbach at

Direct Link to 2006 pictures.

Submitted by: Bill Steinbach 

November 15,  2006

Mike Currao

Now Available at the Jazz Banjo Store. Hear audio samples of this recording on Jazz Banjo Radio and at the Store.

Submitted by: Mike Currao

November 3,  2006

The Medicine Ball Band

Submitted by: Dave Marty

November 3,  2006

A Banjo For Christmas

        A Banjo For Christmas has been quite an interesting project.  I have played the banjo since I was ten years old, which makes it my first musical instrument and love.  Although I was fortunate enough to make a living traveling around the country for several years in my youth, most of my time was spent playing guitar and singing.
        Here it is, many of my all-time-favorite Christmas songs either on banjo or with banjo accompaniment.  Of course, there is a lot of vocalizing, too.  You can take the boy out of the Minstrels but you can’t take the Minstrels out of the boy!

More on the Christmas CD can be found at: Link

Submitted by: Rob Wright

(Note: Sound tracks from "A Banjo Christmas" can be heard on Jazz Banjo Radio.

November 2,  2006

Pittsburgh Dish Banjo? but he is a nice guy

        Read the latest article in the Pittsburgh Dish about the "Pittsburg Banjo Club." The article tells the story about the Wednesday nights at the North Side Elks Club.
       The article focuses on showing people who might not be familiar with banjo music and how much fun the Pittsburgh Banjo Club night can be. They come first for the socializing and come back for the music.  Link

Photo  Courtesy of the "Pittsburgh Dish"

Submitted by: Frank Rossi

October 25,  2006

        If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, be sure to stop by and see Dave Marty this Friday.

Submitted by: John Mumford

October 11,  2006

Midland Banjo Fest

        The annual Midland Banjo Fest (MBF) is taking place on 11th November 2006 at Bretby Conference Centre near Burton-on-Trent, UK. Entering its 8th year it is becoming the largest banjo festival, for all styles of banjo, in the United Kingdom.  The MBF features many styles of banjo: Plectrum, Finger style, Tenor, Irish, Bluegrass, Clawhammer and Ukulele performed by Professional, Semi – Professional and Amateur players. Within reason, any banjo player wishing to play a 5 - 15 minute spot can do so by pre-booking with the Organiser.

More information can be found at: Link.

Submitted by: Paul Tombs

October 9,  2006

Sean Moyses presents It’s Banjo Time!

         This CD contains 72 minutes of hot jazz banjo tunes, rags, crooners and evergreens. The titles are: Somebody Stole My Gall • Mr. Sandman • Temptation rag • Cecilia • High Society • Blue Skies • Nuages • I’m Looking Over a Four Leafed Clover • Leaning on a Lamp Post • Deed I Do • Moonlight Serenade • Changes • I’m Coming Virginia • Dinah • You’re Driving Me Crazy • Chinese Laundry Blues • I’m Sitting On Top of the World • A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square • Lover Come Back to Me • Somewhere Over the Rainbow • After You’ve Gone.

Postage paid: $20 CASH ONLY (no checks please) to:

Sean Moyses,
Jahnstr. 17,
53225 Bonn,

You can also pay with credit card using PayPal. Please visit
Other CDs that are available from Sean: “Hot Rhythm” and “Banjo Power!”.

Submitted by: Sean Moyses

October 2,  2006

Two great articles in the Post-Gazette about Frank Rossi and the Pittsburgh Banjo Club.


This link has a slide show with audio.


Submitted by: John Mumford

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