Marvin "Smokey" Montgomery was born in Rinhard, Iowa.  He began his musical career playing banjo-uke that he won in a subscription contest for the Des Moines Tribune.  When his younger brother abandoned the banjo, Marvin became interested in the Tenor banjo.
        "Smokey" also played alto horn and at an early age he was featured with his mother in a five piece band.  They were known as the "Iowa Orioles" and played for special events and barn dances.
        An audition at radio station KRLD sent him to the Dallas radio station WFAA where he joined the "Wonderers."  From that connection he joined WBAP in Fort Woth and played with the "Light Crust Boys."

The Scintillating Banjo of "Smokey" Montgomery
Audiophile AP-83
Mr. Banjo Himself In His Banjo Capers
Bluebonnet Recording Studios
"Mostly Banjo" by Marvin Smokey Montgomery

It's Great To Be Pickin' At 78
Cassette Tape

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