The PBB was organized in 1963 as the Cupertino Banjo Band. As it grew and attracted members from all over the Peninsula bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay its name was changed to the Peninsula Banjo Band. The band was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1975. Membership varies from 45 - 70 and includes plectrum and tenor banjoists as well as wash tub bass players.
     The PBB has performed at many public and private affairs including street festivals, retirement homes, private parties and grand civic occasions. It performed at the anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge, the reopening of the cable cars, San Francisco’s Black and White ball, Candlestick Park, the Cherry Blossom festivals, Music in the Park in San Jose, the opening of the San Jose Convention Center, special events at the De Young museum and for President Clinton and Vice-president Gore. Most recently, the band performed at the opening ceremony of The Tech museum in San Jose.

       The band has been directed for 38of its 40 years by Charlie Tagawa, a master of the tenor banjo.



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